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Poly Bridge APK Free Download for Android

Poly Bridge APK Free Download for Android. Poly Bridge one of the best puzzle android games. This is the most amazing bridge-building game available for android devices because of its awesome levels and graphics. 

But still, there are a few downloads of this game, why? because it is a paid game on the google play store. You need to pay about $5 to download this game on your android device. 

If you are here then it means that you want to download APK of Poly Bridge for free on your android. And this is the right place as well because in this article I will tell you about how you can download this game for free. Go through the whole article below to know more about it. 

Poly Bridge was once one of the best puzzle games of the year at the time its release, then a lot of different puzzle games based on the same concept come into the existence. But not all these games get as much popularity as a poly bridge does. 

There are a lot of websites claiming to give you the direct download links of Poly Bridge for free, hardly a few of them are working. Unlike these sites, I will not give you the direct download link, except I will tell you a step-by-step guide by following which you will be able to download Poly Bridge for free on android.

And at the end of this article, I will also tell you some features of this game because of which it is popular than other games. 

Now without wasting time let’s have a look at the steps which you need to follow to download Poly Bridge‘s free APK.

Download Poly Bridge APK Free

Below are the steps which you have to follow if you want to download and play a poly bridge on your android device without paying for it. Steps are quite simple and easy to follow, and images are also included with them to assist you.

    1. First of all, you need to download an app named “Pandahelper”. This is a free APK downloaded app. Download it from- http://android.pandahelp.vip/

    2. After clicking on the above link you will be redirected to the official website where a “Download” button will be available. Use that button to download it on your android device.

    3. Now open up the pandahelper and you will see that it is similar to the google play store, a lot of apps will be there to download. You just need to tap on the search bar present at top of the screen.

    4. Search “Poly Bridge” in that search bar and you will see in the search results that it is available for download and for free. 

Download Poly bridge APK free
Download Poly bridge APK free

    5. Just click on the “Get” button and it will start downloading. At first, it will be downloaded within the “Pandahelper app”. You can check it by returning from search results and clicking on the “Download” symbol present at the top right corner. 

Poly bridge APK free android
Poly bridge APK free android

NOTE:- While installing “Poly Bridge” into your android device, pandahelper will ask access or permission to download apps, you need to grant that access to it while it asks.

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Now you know about download poly bridge free apk on android. But you still don’t know why this game is so popular. 

So, the following are some major reasons behind the popularity of Poly Bridge. 

Why Poly Bridge is a Popular Android game?

  • More than 100 Levels
  • Sandbox
  • Moving Drawbridges
  • Interactive Graphics
  • Easy Controls
  • Test Creativity
  • Pioneer in bridge-building games

These were some major features that this game offers and because of them, this is popular. And even at the time this article is written, Poly Bridge le is #1 Puzzle game on the iOS App Store where games are ranked according to their category.

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That’s the end of this article if you have any queries regarding the steps of downloading Poly Bridge free APK android then comment them in the comment box below.

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